About Kerim

Hi, my name is Kerim Kerimi. My mother is from Hamburg, Germany, my father is a Turkish Rug Dealer. From childhood I learned the rug business in my father’s shop for vintage and antique carpets near the Grand Bazar in Istanbul. My brother and I are the third generation of rug dealers in our family. For some years I organized our carpet production in Oushak in West-Anatolia. After coming to Hamburg in 2001 with my German wife I started a carpet business in the historical warehouse district.

I really love and enjoy my work, I love hand-spun yarns and natural dyes. When I find a dirty vintage or antique carpet with loose fringes I immediately want to wash and repair it to keep its beauty for following generations. Another loved work of mine is to sew cushions out of old carpets, kilims and saddle bags. I fill them with Kapok (wool from a tree in Thailand) because I prefer organic materials.

I hope you enjoy our collection!